Aspen Multi-Case™



Streamlined Workflow to Rapidly Analyze Multiple Operating Cases

Achieve better design outcomes by quickly evaluating alternate design configurations for thousands of operating conditions, leveraging high performance computing and AI to run more cases in the same amount of time.

Advanced Multi-File Visualization

Display results from multiple files or simulations intuitively, navigating through the results of hundreds of operating cases using smart analysis, including operating window and tabular analysis and advanced graphics to understand results quickly and easily.

Shareable Project Files

Accelerate collaboration and speed execution among project stakeholders across owner-operator and EPCs through integrated multi-scenario project files with pre-defined analysis, resulting in seamless reuse of models and multi-case analyses.

Data Set Generation for Reduced Order Hybrid Models

Create fast and reliable online digital twin models through reduced order hybrid modeling technology, leveraging the industry’s first AI Model Builder.
Whats new in V12.1
Delivering higher levels of profitability and sustainability with AspenTech Industrial AI™.

Aspen Hybrid Models™

Democratize the application of AI to solve the process industry’s most difficult problems:

  • Address problems that cannot be solved with first principles models alone
  • Build better models faster
  • Sustain accurate models longer
  • Improve predictive insights

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