Sulsim Sulfur Recovery™ in Aspen HYSYS®

Increase production, reduce OPEX and meet regulations by modeling the complexities of the SRU and the full gas plant.

Comprehensive Solution for the SRU and Gas Plant

Industry Trusted Solution

Based on Sulphur Experts Sulsim's empirical data. Sulsim simulates the Modified Claus Process from beginning to end by incorporating industry knowledge and data.

Streamlined Gas Plant Simulation

Optimize design and operations using the intricate thermodynamics of acid gas removal, sulfur recovery and dehydration – as well as the rigorous equipment models of columns and heat exchangers, all in one environment.

Meet Emission Goals

Operate reliably, avoiding shutdowns by meeting stringent environmental regulations and standards in flare gases, especially SO2 emission limits
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Aspen HYSYS Petroleum Refining™

Enable sustainable and profitable refinery operations by layering powerful refining simulation capabilities onto the Aspen HYSYS® process simulator.