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How Momentive Achieves Supply Chain Excellence

Success Via Detailed Scheduling and Finite Capacity Optimization

December 04, 2018

One of the best parts of my job is working with our diverse set of customers to understand how they use AspenTech’s tools to achieve their business goals. Each customer has unique organizational structures and business needs that impact how they execute their corporate plan. In our recent webinar, Momentive Boosts Customer Service & Profitability with Detailed Scheduling and Finite Capacity Optimization,” Michael Reifer, leader of Momentive’s Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP) Center of Excellence, gave our audience excellent insight into how Aspen Plant Scheduler delivers “impressive optimization results.”


This webinar had incredible attendance, proving many organizations have strong interest in finite capacity optimization and detailed scheduling. In my experience, organizations are quickly learning that there is no silver bullet when it comes to a successful supply chain. Technology is rapidly changing, talent is scarce, and organizations are struggling with execution. 


The overwhelming interest in this topic illustrates that companies are seeking any guidance that can provide an edge in a competitive environment in which supply chain excellence is increasingly valued. So, what can you learn from Momentive’s presentation? 


Common Supply Chain Goals

Momentive’s goals are like most, if not all, supply chain organizations: delivering orders On Time In Full (OTIF), reducing working capital and shortening supply lead time, to name a few. What stands out in this webinar is how Momentive developed the capabilities to drastically improve these metrics across a spectrum of business groups with disparate needs. 


Taking a Holistic View

Momentive has taken a bigger picture view of building their supply chain organization through their SIOP Center of Excellence. During the webinar, Momentive staff highlighted how this unique, holistic approach to optimizing processes, implementing technology and building talent has led to many successes. Momentive’s implementation of AspenTech’s scheduling solutions has resulted in supply lead time decreasing by 10 days, or 40%, OTIF metrics improving by 20 points and inventory decreasing by 25% at multiple sites. 


Aligning to Corporate Strategy

As Mike Reifer states near the beginning of the webinar, “Scheduling success enables long-term planning success.” Taking advantage of Aspen Plant Scheduler’s capabilities has allowed Momentive to increase visibility across business units, proactively schedule in a way that facilitates block operations and identify production sequences that enhance profitability. 


To learn more about the many ways in which Aspen Plant Scheduler helps Momentive Performance Materials reach their business goals, view a recording of the webinar. For more information about AspenTech’s supply chain solutions email

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