Adsorption and Chromatography Improvement

AspenTech's modeling and chromatography solution allows engineers to optimize separation processes and rapidly design and troubleshoot cyclic processes.

Bulk Chemical Process Improvement

Boost bulk chemical quality and throughput. Improve production rates, yield, energy efficiency and quality through rigorous process modeling tools.

Energy Management

Optimize energy Use. Predict and eliminate energy waste though use of an integrated design and modeling tools.

Concurrent Conceptual Engineering

Simultaneous engineering and costing, heat exchanger design, Optioneering, Concurrent Conceptual Engineering, Risk Analysis

Tuning Models with Plant Data

Models that match reality by calibrating them to plant data for improved design and revamp with process understanding through validation with historical data.

Distillation Design & Revamps

Cut CAPEX and prevent issues by selecting optimal trays and packings with interactive plots built using correlations and process simulation data.

Environmental & Safety Analysis

Reduce risks with dynamic analysis and overpressure protection guidance developed using expert-trusted solutions and guided workflows.

Distillation Improvement

Restore smooth and optimal column performance. Increase column efficiency and resolve issues faster with interactive hydraulic visualization of distillation.

Dynamic Studies

Hone your understanding of operational changes through dynamic insights with trusted accuracy and built-in templates to get started.

Solid Process Optimization

AspenTech's Solid Process optimization delivers consistent quality of solids, process optimization, crystallization and granulation modeling.

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