A Supply Chain Tectonic Shift Just Happened – Did You Feel It?

Supply chains are being tested as never before. Roch Gauthier shares what he has learned about the importance of certain supply chain capabilities and business processes.


Bringing the Power of Industrial AI to the Chemical Industry

Industrial AI will boost adoption of digitalization for chemical companies (bulk chemicals, petrochemical, specialty chemicals, polymers) bringing the power of hybrid modeling.

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Aspen Polymersによるフリーラジカル重合モデルの紹介

Aspen Polymersを活用しフリーラジカル共重合モデルを構築できます。実験データから反応速度パラメータを回帰し、バッチ/連続重合シミュレーションでポリマー物性を予測します。 モデルを活用することで、実験回数の削減、バッチサイクルの短縮検討が可能となります。

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People, Planet, Profits: Digital Strategies for a Circular Economy

While most chemical companies have sustainability initiatives in place with varying reliance on digital technologies to achieve these goals, challenges remain. What are the key enablers to eliminate emissions and waste, extend material use and regenerate natural systems? How do new innovations accelerate this effort?


Manufacturing Schedule Optimization, A Powerful Force Multiplier

Chemical manufacturers are increasingly aware of the opportunity to improve cash flow, customer service and topline revenue by optimizing manufacturing schedules.


Accelerate Your Knowledge Delivery With Aspen eLearning!

As changing business conditions and an evolving workforce challenge companies in the process industries, AspenTech is working to meet their diverse training needs.


Cómo sobreponerse a momentos críticos y adaptarse con su estrategia de digitalización

Las herramientas digitales pueden equipar a las empresas para responder a cambios sin precedentes. Conozca cómo la digitalización puede aumentar la resiliencia.

Specialty Chemicals


Aspen Adsorption and Aspen Chromatography

AspenTech optimizes cyclic separation processes, maximizes production by identifying improvement scenarios and reducing plant trials using proven models.

Aspen Plus

AspenTech's Aspen Plus provides a plant-wide simulation solution that combines unparalleled accuracy and engineering collaboration to drive ROI.

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