Aspen Interpret™

Over 25 years of accurate and reliable design and analysis of pressure transients from traditional production and drillstem tests (DST), as well as wireline formation tests (WFT) and testing-while-drilling (TWD) operations on exploration, appraisal or production wells.

Efficient and Effective Well Test Analysis

Advanced Tools on the Petroleum Engineer's Desktop

Proven interpretation methods, a comprehensive model catalog and an intuitive user interface.

Powerful and Intuitive    Diagnostics    

Easily select different model behaviors and build even the most complex models.

High Analysis Quality and Confidence

Validate and optimize analyses using all plots in combination for enhanced confidence in the results.

Full Interoperability with   Windows Applications

Running on Microsoft Windows, Aspen Interpret has the native feel of a Windows application.
Well Test Analysis Aspen Interpret

Aspen Interpret is an established, industry standard tool for the performance of pressure transient analysis from a wide variety of data sources, combined with a user interface that is both easy to use and intuitive.

Aspen Interpret offers robust interpretation methods and powerful modeling capabilities, backed by extensive use in business and academic environments.


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