Distillation Column Modeling for Cost-Effective Designs and More Reliable Operations.

Design your distillation scheme with Aspen Distillation Synthesis. Model your distillation column in Aspen Plus® and use Aspen Rate-Based Distillation for rigorous design, providing more accurate simulations for maximum reliability.
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Column Modeling From Conceptual to Detailed Design

The world’s leading tool for modeling CO2 capture and acid gas removal is even better. See how Aspen Plus makes it easier to understand your footprint, comply with regulations and manage emissions.

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Simplify Creation of Distillation Schemes

Aspen Distillation Synthesis enables rapid conceptual design of distillation schemes for the separation of chemical mixtures with non-ideal, vapor-liquid equilibrium. Use Aspen Distillation Synthesis to reveal the limits of feasible separations for individual columns and to design advanced distillation schemes for the separation of such mixtures.

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Build Distillation Models Directly in Aspen Plus

Build conceptual design models with Aspen Plus, which contains six standard distillation column models.

  • Rigorous two-three phase fractionation (most popular)
  • Shortcut distillation rating and design
  • Rigorous counter-current extraction
  • And more!

You also have the ability to import schemas directly from Aspen Distillation Synthesis.

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Get a More Detailed View of Your Distillation Columns

Column Analysis in Aspen Plus allows you to immediately identify hydraulic issues (i.e. flooding and weeping) and understand the operating envelope for the entire column. Evaluate how modifications in packing and trays change the hydraulic operability of your columns. Downcomer choke flooding is now included in V10 to provide an indication of ineffective vapor disengagement at higher liquid flows.

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Highly Detailed Distillation Column Modeling

Aspen Rate-Based Distillation Column Modeling extends Aspen Plus, our most popular RadFrac model, ensuring more accurate simulations and maximum reliability over a wider range of operating conditions.

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Distillation Modeling Specific to Batch Processes

Use Aspen Batch Modeler in Aspen Plus for batch distillation modeling to predict and optimize cycle times, as well as pressure levels. Rigorous batch distillation modeling capabilities enable you to quickly and cost-effectively determine the optimum design and operating conditions, while maintaining the required product quality and purity, and ensuring safe operation.