Aspen Shell & Tube Mechanical

Achieve faster mechanical design optimized for capital cost and validated with design codes.

Part of AspenTech’s Comprehensive and Rigorous HX Modeling Solution

Improve Design Quality

Achieve safer heat exchanger design through detailed calculations of individual components based on design codes. Develop detailed drawing packages, a complete bill of materials and customized cost estimates.

Accelerate Time to Market

Integrated thermal and mechanical design facilitates collaboration between design teams for faster design turnaround. Equipment fabricators can rapidly develop bids with cost estimates based on the full bill of materials.

Code Conforming Mechanical Designs

Ensure safer designs by conforming to the latest code standards. Improve design accuracy with an extensive library of thermal physical properties.

Designs You Can Trust

Proven modeling technology based on proprietary theoretical models and correlations backed by over 40 years of experimental study. Easily validate design with in-product access to source methods, models and data.
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Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating

Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating™


Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating

Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger™

Identify energy and capital saving opportunities through designing and rating shell and tube heat exchangers.


Aspen HYSYS®


Aspen Plus

Aspen Plus®