Accelerate Innovation for the Hydrogen Economy

Power up hydrogen projects—from production and storage to end use. Innovate, accelerate execution and scale-up new technologies while reducing cost, risk and time-to-market.

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Innovate to Improve Economics of Low-Carbon Hydrogen

Accelerate innovation and commercialization by integrating renewables with H2 production, optimizing production and storage, and facilitating continued innovation of end use with digital twin technology and analytics, employing the end-to-end AspenTech hydrogen sustainability pathway.

  • Develop new technologies faster by reducing costs and time-to-market
  • Justify investment and financial decisions by evaluating risks and costs across lifecycle
  • Reduce project risks by optimizing designs and accelerating delivery and execution
  • Accelerate scalable operation and optimization, maximizing load factor
Solution Sustainability Pathway for Hydrogen

AspenTech Sustainability Pathway: Hydrogen Economy

Accelerate innovation to scale low-carbon hydrogen with AspenTech digital solutions:

  • Reduce project lifecycle costs
  • Make informed decisions to minimize risk, maximize investment return and optimize across the hydrogen lifecycle
  • Accelerate time to revenue
  • Optimize to maximize asset utilization "load factor" and minimize risks across the value chain
  • Reduce safety and leak occurrence

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Impact Key Business Processes to Accelerate Innovation for the Hydrogen Economy

System, Technology & Process Design | Project Design & Execution

Hydrogen and Green Ammonia Production Optimization | Storage and End Use



Aspen HYSYS®


Aspen Plus

Aspen Plus®


Aspen Fidelis Reliability

Aspen Fidelis™

すべての物事は異なっています。意思決定しなければならないことは多数あるが、迅速に選択肢を比較する必要がある。Aspen Fidelisは、多くのシナリオをシミュレーションし、プラントの全体的なパフォーマンスと収益に与える影響を示します。

Aspen DMC3

Aspen DMC3™

Closed-Loopでの最適制御運転とプラントテストを同時に実行が可能なAdaptive Technology(特許所得済み)により高度制御導入にかかる時間の短縮化とメンテナンス作業の簡易化を実現