AspenTech Customers Braskem and Transpetro Present Best Practices in Process Optimization at Rio Oil & Gas 2010 Conference

September 20, 2010

Highlights How aspenONE Engineering and Manufacturing Software Applications Improve Production and Profitability
Burlington, Mass - Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN) a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, today announced that customers Braskem and Transpetro presented best practices in process optimization at the Rio Oil & Gas 2010 conference in Brazil, last week in Rio de Janeiro. Highlights from the presentations demonstrated how AspenTech's aspenONE Engineering and Manufacturing software improves production and profitability.

  • Braskem detailed how they increased high value chemicals production, while reducing product losses and energy consumption using aspenONE APC software.
  • Braskem improved plant profits by identifying operational changes with real-time optimization, increasing ethylene production and reducing high value chemical losses. In addition, Braskem drastically reduced steam import rates with a savings of $100,000 in just eight days.
  • Transpetro described how dynamic simulation using Aspen HYSYS™ improves the evaluation and tuning of natural gas delivery control systems in various conditions to optimize operations.
  • The biennial Rio Oil & Gas 2010 conference and expo attracted over 40,000 oil and gas industry professionals from around the world. Rio is a major center for Brazil’s oil & gas industry, representing 80% of the national production and one of the world’s fastest growing markets.
  • The aspenONE V7 process optimization software suite is used by the world’s leading process industry companies to implement best practices across engineering, manufacturing and supply chain operations, making it easier to achieve their operational excellence goals.

Supporting Quotes
Márcia Silva, Corporate Automation Manager, Braskem
“The ability to take a turnkey software solution like aspenONE Advanced Process Control and achieve immediate results is helping Braskem optimize our operations in ways that have made a tremendous impact on our bottom line. Looking ahead to using other AspenTech software, we see tremendous opportunities to continue optimizing our business processes, extending Braskem’s global reach in petrochemicals.”

Claudio de Brito Garcia, Project Coordinator of Natural Gas Pipelines and Facilities, Transpetro
“As a leader in the Brazilian oil industry, it is imperative that we work with leading technologies that support our mission of being a top five integrated energy company in the world by 2020. By using aspenONE, we are implementing best practices that help us achieve greater levels of efficiency, which in turn drives profitability and productivity gains across our core competencies.”

Blair Wheeler, SVP of Marketing, AspenTech
“With energy demand growth in Brazil continuing to outpace developed countries, the timing is right for oil producers to put in place best practices for optimizing production and manufacturing. Braskem and Transpetro offer excellent case study examples of how industry-leading companies are applying advanced technologies to optimize operations and capitalize on growth opportunities in a changing global economy.”

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