Predict and Minimize the Impact of Equipment Downtime

For industrial organizations, equipment downtime negatively impacts operational efficiency and productivity which can lead to schedule delays, lower revenues and increased pressures on workers throughout the manufacturing plant, including process engineers, equipment maintenance staff, planners and schedulers. By combining prescriptive maintenance and advanced scheduling technologies, manufacturers will be better positioned to consider tradeoffs among constraints like spare parts availability, costs, production, and supply chain commitments to find ideal downtime options.

Benefits of this integrated solution include:

  • Reduced total cost of equipment downtime and production impact
  • Increased efficiency of internal and external maintenance teams 
  • Improved visibility and decision making for an optimized maintenance schedule

Join AspenTech’s experts to hear how Aspen Mtell® and Aspen Plant Scheduler work together to ensure that your operations are integrated, resilient and agile.

Predict and Minimize the Impact of Equipment Downtime

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Predict and Minimize the Impact of Equipment Downtime

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