Case Study

Liquid Light Achieves Process Simplification and Reduces Costs

In order to meet their design need of maintaining a 25% cost advantage over conventional chemical processes, the engineers at Liquid Light needed a flexible software solution to find key property data (even for non-ideal and electrolyte systems), conduct “what-if” and case analyses, model reaction systems, select solvents, and scale-up quickly and reliably. Leveraging Aspen Plus and Aspen Properties, the members of Liquid Light have been able to make meaningful predictions about system behavior, moving them closer to full scale production.

Case Study

イノベーションファストトラック:新製品開発における時間と コストの節約 (日本語事例カタログ)

ケノス社がAspen Plus®バッチモデリングを活用し、プロセスにおいてどのように利益を確保し、試運転、試作をほとんど行わず、顧客ニーズの変更に対応できたかをご説明しています。日本語の事例カタログです。

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