A Unique Collection of Chemical Engineering Knowledge.

Aspen Process Manual contains over 100 volumes with 150 leading authors from industry and academia, produced over the last 30 years. It covers nine Technical Areas, mainly in solids processing and separation technology.
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Access critical knowledge from 150 authors over 30 years from inside Aspen Plus® for topics that include Applied Rheology, Bulks Solids Handling, Crystallization, Drying, Gas Cleaning, Slurry Handling, and more. Aspen Process Manual is now available inside Aspen Plus through aspenONE® Exchange.

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Wastewater Treatment

The Wastewater Treatment Process Manuals consists of three parts: a discursive expert system EpSelon.Expert, an in-depth knowledge base EpSelon.Ebase, and a unit operations summary costing program EpSelon.Costing.

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Mini Manual Series

The Process Manuals Mini Series provides information on general solids processing steps, such as gas and particle properties, adsorption, comminution, and classification.

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Applied Rheology

The Applied Rheology Process Manual contains 6 volumes covering aspects of industrial rheology, including rheology fundamentals, typical data, and estimations of viscosity data, shear rate and shear stress, as well as flow curve models and more.

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Bulk Solids Handling

The Bulk Solids Handling Process Manual contains 12 volumes covering aspects that include prime movers, mechanical conveyors, gas transfer systems, gravity transfer, valves for bulk solids, online instrumentation, powder and powder mixing, storage, measurements, and screw conveying.

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The Crystallization Process Manual contains 9 volumes and covers topics that include process chemistry, equipment selection, crystallizer design and modeling, crystallization process applications, crystallizer trouble-shooting, experimental techniques, and recommended procedures.

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The Drying Process Manual contains 12 volumes covering dryer selection, fluidized bed drying, rotary drying, spray drying, pneumatic conveying drying, layer and contact drying, microwave drying. The manual also covers drying kinetics and equilibria, product quality, dryer operations, and experimental technique.

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Gas Cleaning

The Gas Cleaning Process Manual contains 10 volumes consisting of information on cyclones, wet dedusters, electrostatic precipitators, depth and rigid filters, mist removal, ancillary equipment, applied technology, and gas purification.

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Slurry Handling

The Slurry Handling Process Manual contains 12 volumes covering topics that include slurry pumps, pipeline design, gas transfer systems, gravity transfer, valves, wear, online instrumentation, powder/liquid mixing, storage, and laboratory measurement.

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Solid Liquid Separation

The Solid-Liquid Separation Process Manual contains 11 volumes and covers topics that include equipment selection, cake filtration, clarification filters, thin layer filters, sedimentation processes, filtering centrifugation, sedimenting centrifugation, less common separation processes, filter media, and ancillary processes.

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Solvent Extraction

The Solvent Extraction Process Manual contains 8 volumes covering topics that include general principles, liquid-liquid separation fundamentals, solvents, extraction processes, phase separation, equipment, recommended procedures, and related process technology.


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