Scope Out Project Economics.

Aspen Process Economic Analyzer is cost estimating software that provides CAPEX estimates and OPEX estimates for comparing and screening multiple process schemes.

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Compare alternative technologies and designs.

Generate capital cost (CAPEX) estimates, operating cost (OPEX) estimates, and investment cash flow curves to evaluate the lifecycle economic impact of process decisions during conceptual design with Aspen Process Economic Analyzer.

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Approach estimation better.

Aspen Process Economic Analyzer relies on model-based estimation to generate project capital cost estimates and operating cost estimates.  Key features include interactive equipment to determine operating costs and investment analysis, and automatic generation of block and process flow diagrams.

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Interface with process simulators.

Aspen Process Economic Analyzer is integrated with process simulators Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus, saving time and eliminating errors caused by manually transferring data between process design and estimation departments. With Activated Economics, process simulation users can generate CAPEX estimates and OPEX estimates using the same cost estimating software as estimators.

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Integrate with the Economic Evaluation suite.

AspenTech’s entire Economic Evaluation suite of cost estimating software utilizes Icarus technology. By utilizing the same underlying technology in all of the cost estimation software products, CAPEX estimates and OPEX estimates are generated using a consistent cost basis. Users can also easily transfer data from Aspen Process Economic Analyzer into Aspen Capital Cost Estimator, Aspen In Plant Cost Estimator.

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See how customers have profited from Aspen Process Economic Analyzer.

View how customers have directly benefited from using Aspen Process Economic Analyzer for their estimating challenges.