Design and Simulate Plate Exchangers More Easily.

Aspen Plate Exchanger software is a single solution for the design, checking, and performance simulation of gasketed, welded, or brazed plate heat exchangers.

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Optimize plate exchanger designs with research-based correlations.

Models and correlations are based on more than 35 years of Aspen HTFS proprietary research, providing the user with assurance of reliable designs. It automates the plate exchanger design optimization process, allowing for cost savings of up to 30% or more.

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Support all physical properties.

Properties can be transferred from AspenTech's steady-state simulators, or retrieved from Aspen Properties®, Aspen HYSYS Thermodynamics COM Interface, or the heritage Aspen B-JAC™ database. More than 15,000 components and 30 vapor liquid equilibrium methods are available.

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Monitor Operational Performance in Aspen Plus

New in V8.4—Aspen Plus now features Activated Exchanger Design & Rating. Users can easily import Aspen Plate Exchanger designs into Aspen Plus simulations and now instantly view the impact of design decisions on plate heat exchanger operational performance. Easily monitor critical performance issues such as excessive operating temperature & pressure, erosion risks, and more!

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Improve design and engineering efficiency.

Aspen Plate Exchanger simulation software automates the design optimization process for a given set of process conditions, resulting in typical cost savings of 10-30%. It supports fast-track, front-end engineering through fully integrated tools for process design and exchanger thermal plate exchanger sizing, which are pre-requisite for cost effective projects.