Connect Your Models to Real-Time Plant Data with Aspen OnLine®.

Maximize operating profitability and react quickly to changes in plant operations and market conditions. 

Use rigorous process and utility models for equipment performance monitoring and real-time optimization (RTO).

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Why put your models online?

Aspen OnLine enables the online execution of rigorous engineering models for offline or online profit optimization. Connecting simulation models to plant data is a key step to making models more useful for operational decisions.

Models provide real-time operational guidance to help you effectively tackle fluctuations in the market and in operation conditions, such as:

  • Changes to feedstock availability
  • Changes to market demand for products
  • Price variation, safety, etc.


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Benefit from real-time operations support advisory.

Real-time advisory systems provide a comprehensive, rigorous solution to the challenge of optimizing the profitability of your process in real time. Solutions with high-fidelity models can address the true economics of your plant or site in advisory mode.

  • High-fidelity, first principle models applied for petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical processes
  • Process optimization is based on a user-defined objective, usually for operating profit using marginal costs of feeds, products and utilities 
  • Industry-proven, equation-oriented modeling technology provides fast and robust solutions and improved diagnostics


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Know when equipment performance starts to degrade.

With Aspen OnLine, you can continuously monitor the performance degradation of key processes, such as:

  • Column flooding
  • Degradation on tray/packing efficiency
  • Catalyst deactivation in reactors
  • Heat exchanger fouling


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Maximize Advanced Process Control (APC) benefits with real-time, closed-loop optimization.

Leverage your online models for validation of consistent real-time optimization (RTO), APC model gains and for generating/validating additional inferred quality constraints for APC strategy.

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Faster online model deployment.

In V10, use the new Plant Data feature to connect and validate your models with plant historian and/or lab data without leaving the Aspen Plus® or Aspen HYSYS® simulation environment. Aspen OnLine project files are automatically generated by the Plant Data feature and can be deployed online to provide real-time operations support.

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