AspenTech OSI CHRONUS Historian™

Next-generation historian providing high-performance data scaling, secure data storage and context-rich visualizations and analytics.

Optimize Enterprise OT and IT Data Utilization to Improve Operational Automation and Decision Making

Enhanced Scalability

High-performance data repository that scales from small to exceptionally large systems with built-in data redundancy.

Easy to Migrate

Easy-to-use migration tools ensure zero downtime and straight-forward implementation.

Fast Time to Value

Core functionalities and built-in workflows enable users to get up and running quickly.

Data Security

Natively encrypted data storage and communication protocols ensure data integrity.
White Paper: How Advanced Data Historians Help Keep Up with a Changing Grid

With the emergence of new technologies and the imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, electric grid dynamics are rapidly changing. The growth of renewables and Distributed Energy Resources (DER)—coupled with significant load growth and new load patterns—is posing unprecedented operational challenges to grid operators.

Read this paper to learn the:

  • Crucial role of data historians in achieving utility objectives
  • Challenges facing data historians
  • Way modern data historians keep up with a changing grid

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AspenTech OSI monarch SCADA™

Feature-rich and flexible platform providing real-time monitoring and control applications with advanced situational awareness.

AspenTech OSI Generation Management System™

Comprehensive solution suite for managing regulated and deregulated power generation assets including forecasting, optimization, scheduling, real-time operation, market participation, accounting and c...

AspenTech OSI Energy Management System™

Transformative solution suite to balance the transport of power on the transmission grid through reliable real-time operations while enabling renewable integration.

AspenTech OSI Advanced Distribution Management System™

Integrated solution suite for active management of distribution grids including advanced applications, outage management and distributed energy resource management.