Improve Production Performance for Upstream

Optimize production from the reservoir to separation and processing plants to maximize profitability and ensure ESG compliance.

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Empower Your Teams with Deeper Insights

Ensure optimal oil and gas production over the lifetime of the upstream asset and increase confidence across multiple disciplines (including geologists, reservoir engineers, production engineers, process engineers and control engineers) in improving operation of reservoirs, wells, surface pipeline networks and processing facilities:

  • Improved asset value > 7%
  • Gain of $20-35M/year per site
  • Increase production by 2-4%
Production Optimization of Natural Gas Pipelines & Field Production Facilities Using Performance Engineering

Production Optimization of Natural Gas Pipelines & Field Production Facilities

Learn how YPFB Andina increased their gas production and gained a $280M increase in revenue in one year using an integrated model of multiple gas production facilities spread across Bolivia.


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Implement Key Processes to Improve Your Production Performance

Subsurface Science & Engineering | Process Engineering | Advanced Process Control & Optimization


Aspen Tempest

Aspen Tempest™

Make reliable, accurate reservoir predictions more quickly.


Aspen METTE™

Flow assurance and optimization, from exploration to production.


Aspen HYSYS®


Aspen DMC3

Aspen DMC3™

Closed-Loopでの最適制御運転とプラントテストを同時に実行が可能なAdaptive Technology(特許所得済み)により高度制御導入にかかる時間の短縮化とメンテナンス作業の簡易化を実現