Aspen Mtell®

Explore the capabilities of this powerful prescriptive maintenance solution

Introduction to Aspen Mtell

Learn how Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance uses Autonomous Agents to predict equipment failures, detect deviations from normal behavior and prescribe detailed actions to mitigate or solve future problems.

Preventing Process Breakdowns with Aspen Mtell

See how operators can detect process irregularities earlier and more accurately with Aspen Mtell, and get prescriptive advice to avoid the process degradation that leads to failures.

Aspen Mtell: What is an Agent?

Recognize asset failures earlier and with greater accuracy using machine learning Agents from Aspen Mtell.

Aspen Mtell: Prescriptive Maintenance for the Transportation Industry

See how Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance prevents catastrophic diesel engine failures.

Aspen Mtell: Refinery Case Study

Watch how Aspen Mtell analyzed 220 million sensor values to identify the top 10 maintenance cost failures at one world-class refinery, and predicted a compressor breakdown 49 days in advance.

Aspen Mtell and the Industrial Internet of Things

Learn how Aspen Mtell connects big data and prescriptive maintenance to deliver IIoT solutions.

Transfer Learning with Aspen Mtell

Understand how Aspen Mtell’s Autonomous Agents share failure signatures across similar assets, enabling rapid time to value.

Aspen Mtell: Making Machines Smart

Hear how Aspen Mtell makes machines smart so they can tell you they need attention before failure causes disruption, losses, safety issues, and environmental incidents.