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How Do You Leverage Industrial Data?

Aspen AIoT Use Cases Show How

December 20, 2021

The Aspen Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Hub is AspenTech’s end-to-end Industrial AI solution for OT and IT convergence. My previous blog discussed how the intersection of operational technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT) is critical to addressing our customers critical business imperatives of holistic risk management, margin improvement and sustainability goals.

In this article, we’ll cover how three of the core components in the Aspen AIoT Hub™, the Aspen Enterprise IP.21™ Historian, Aspen Enterprise Insights™, and Aspen Data Science Studio™ can be used as enabling technologies to address these customer imperatives.


Enterprise IP.21 Historian: The Data Foundation

Data is critical to the implementation of these imperatives, but in the rush to address challenges many organizations created data swamps – data lakes that require incredibly high levels of expertise and effort to provide value. The objective is to build a single source of truth–or enterprise-wide data lake – with fast time to value. To do so requires the advanced, built-in capabilities that Aspen Enterprise IP.21 provides:

  • With Aspen Cloud Connect any data produced at the plant can be easily brought to the enterprise historian level without any coding or IT skill sets. Data from multiple plants and from any source or historian can be standardized and contextualized at a central location.
  • Manufacturing Master Data Model (mMDM) is another key feature included with Aspen Enterprise IP.21. mMDM creates a single master data model to enable data catalogue and governance for all your manufacturing data and is accessible via APIs to any applications.


Aspen Enterprise Insights: Integrate People Data and Workflows

Another core component of the Aspen AIoT Hub is Aspen Enterprise Insights, which integrates people, data and workflows to collaborate and drive actionable insights across the organization. Aspen Enterprise Insights was developed as an industry-agnostic platform designed to serve the needs of AspenTech’s diverse customer base. On this platform, applications are designed to address specific needs.

  • Aspen SCM Insights™ was designed to help our customers digitize their S&OP/IBP (Sales and Operations Planning/ Integrated Business Planning Processes) through workflow automation and alignment of the people, processes and technology needed for best-in-class planning.
  • ACCE (Aspen Capital Cost Estimator) is specifically designed to scale cost estimation to the enterprise, resulting in faster, accurate and reliable estimation. Aspen Enterprise Insights applications continue to be developed in conjunction with our customers to ensure we address their pressing problems.


Aspen Data Science Studio: Domain Experts + Data Scientists

Aspen Data Science Studio™ (DSS) is a cloud-ready environment for industrial AI collaboration between domain experts and data scientists that provide faster time to value and streamlines management of AI models. Aspen DSS provides exploratory analysis, training, deployment and scalable application of AI models in a platform that provides the shortest time to value in the marketplace via rapidly deployable models. Data Science Studio is complementary to AspenTech’s traditional offerings and fuels the roadmap to the Self-Optimizing Plant.


Aspen AIoT Hub: Unlock Business Value from Industrial Data

The Aspen AIoT Hub is a complete industrial data solution – pre pre-integrated and built for industry to accelerate innovation and bridge the gap between OT and IT The data foundation of Enterprise IP.21 Historian is the key to unlocking enterprise value, and Enterprise Insights and Data Science Studio are cutting-edge technologies that leverage the data foundation. The deep domain expertise of AspenTech’s 40 years as a leading software vendor to the process industries combined with the latest technologies, provides our customers measurable benefits and real-world value in weeks and months.

For more information about the Aspen AIoT Hub use cases, check out some of our latest resources:

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