AspenTech to Showcase Sustainability Solutions at ADIPEC 2022

October 20, 2022

The energy industry is at a crucial inflection point:  how to meet the growing demand for resources from a growing population with rapidly increasing standards of living, while at the same time, needing to address sustainability goals. This goal has taken on greater urgency as international scientific consensus agrees that CO2 emissions need to fall by about 45% from 2010 levels by 2030, before reaching net zero in 2050. Organisations must look towards prioritisation of both strategies and digital transformation is increasingly being recognised as a prominent contributor to long-term sustainability.

The key is utilising an extensive portfolio of solutions that help oil, gas and energy companies to accelerate their transition towards more sustainable operations. AspenTech’s digital tools are the avenue to progress in sustainable technology pathways and facilitating future insights, while also working to prevent any sacrifice in profitable outcomes.

Practical measures

So how is AspenTech taking practical steps to enable the industry to evolve in today’s challenging new era? We’re working with businesses to help make a tangible impact to their local regions. This includes a reduction in energy consumption and wasted materials, plus offering innovative carbon capture, conversion and biomass solutions, helping to transform CO2 from a pollutant to a biofuel feedstock material.

Other measures we’re helping businesses to introduce include the use of hydrogen as a new energy source, which offers the opportunity to fill a significant fraction of the world’s need for energy and is able to be generated carbon-free.

Digitalisation is key in enabling these practices as it can help deliver increased safety in operations, greater reliability and improved efficiencies. In combination, these results drive greater sustainability by delivering safer, greener and faster operations while still supporting increased profitability.


To showcase how we’re helping businesses to meet sustainability goals and our role in allowing organisations to drive innovation, we’re participating in ADIPEC 2022, one of the oil and gas industry’s largest events. ADIPEC brings together 54 international and national oil companies and integrated energy companies, plus a total of 2,200 exhibiting companies to make up the world’s most influential gathering of energy industry professionals.   

The event’s primary goal this year is to provide a platform for key players to translate net-zero pledges into net-zero plans by stimulating debate on sustainability pathways. The event also aims to influence both COP27 and 28 conversations and demonstrate the role of oil and gas in being able to drive smarter, more sustainable and ultimately more reliable energy systems.

Alongside showcasing our innovative industry-leading solutions for the oil and gas sector and being a gold sponsor, Antonio Pietri, our President and CEO will be speaking at the event. He’ll be participating in ADIPEC’s panel: Leading in the transition: the evolving role of CEOs on Wednesday 2nd November.   

Take a look at the full details around ADIPEC 2022 and secure your complimentary pass to the event here. You’ll find us at Stand Hall 13, N 13335.

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