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December 27, 2018

Women's Leadership Forum 2018 Achievements and Aspirations

Author: Jennifer Danalevich

The Women’s Leadership Forum had some great accomplishments in 2018 and we’re planning to build on our momentum in 2019.

Industrial Internet of Things

December 11, 2018

Applications for IIoT: What You Should Really Consider

Author: Mike Brooks

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is not just a technology or framework story. It's about picking the right problem to solve, then picking the correct application to solve it.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Mark a New Era for Oil & Gas

December 10, 2018

Digital Summit: Improving AI and Machine Learning With Domain Expertise

Author: Lawrence Schwartz

The FT Digital Energy Summit in Houston explored how advanced technologies are turning big data into big profits.


December 06, 2018

Tailor the Estimate to Fit Like a Suit

Author: David LeGrand

For E&C firms, tailoring an estimate can help create a great first impression—just like a well-fitting suit.

Five Keys to Delivering Value With Industrial IoT

December 05, 2018

Five Keys to Delivering Value With Industrial IoT

Author: Keith Flynn

While there is no “magic bullet” for IIoT to solve every problem, there are specific ways you can approach your IIoT efforts to make sure they’re successful for your business.

planning and scheduling strategy

December 04, 2018

How Momentive Achieves Supply Chain Excellence

Author: Dwaine J. Plauche

Learn how Momentive Performance Materials uses Aspen Plant Scheduler for detailed scheduling and finite capacity optimization.

With an Eye on CAPEX Efficiency, the EPC Industry Is Going Global

November 29, 2018

With an Eye on CAPEX Efficiency, the EPC Industry Is Going Global

Author: Paul Donnelly

At the Rice Global Forum in Houston, it was clear that EPCs are taking an international perspective to get the most from their investments.

refinery at night

November 27, 2018

Top Tips for Using Aspen Flare System Analyzer

Author: Wilfried Mofor

Get the most of your process safety tools with these best practices.

predicting remaining useful life

November 21, 2018

Remaining Useful Life: There’s More to It Than You Think

Author: Mike Brooks

Remaining useful life (RUL) is a key metric for predictive maintenance applications. However, the concept is flawed.

wind and solar farm

November 20, 2018

Optimize Wind and Solar Operations and Maintenance

Author: Michael Saucier

Wind and solar farms must have prescriptive analytics to effectively operate and maintain optimal performance. Learn how you can reduce unplanned downtime and increase profitability at remote sites.

Digitalization in Oil & Gas Is Changing the People Equation

November 15, 2018

Digitalization in Oil and Gas Is Changing the People Equation

Author: Dr Carole Nakhle

Digital technology is already having a positive impact on employment in the oil and gas sector, and it could help the industry make itself more appealing to the next generation.

OPTIMIZE China Charts the Course to Smart Manufacturing

November 13, 2018

Chinese Process Companies Explore Digital Transformation

Author: Stephen Greene

Beijing International Convention Center (BICC) came alive, as hundreds of industry representatives gathered to learn how to achieve smart manufacturing via operational excellence.