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Sustainability Gumbo – International Style

April 26, 2021

What happens when you bring together four leading voices on the future of energy and sustainability?

You get an interesting, eventful, insightful and must-listen hour of meaningful conversation.


The Players: 

THE INDUSTRY… Ahmad Khowaiter. He’s Saudi Aramco’s Chief Technology Officer. He’s made it his business to know in depth and incisively all aspects of the zero-carbon story. And he’s a leading figure in Aramco’s technology and innovation strategy. A proactive force and spokesperson for what the energy industry can accomplish in moving towards a low carbon future, he’s been driving a hydrogen car for the past two years.  


THE SCIENCE… Dr. Robert Socolow, Princeton University. He’s a leading thinker on pragmatic pathways to carbon mitigation. He published notable papers on the intersection of energy and the environment and led Princeton’s Carbon Mitigation Initiative for 20 years. Dr. Socolow has done system-level thinking on the net benefits of areas such as the hydrogen economy and direct air carbon capture. He continues to provide some of the most insightful thinking on practical approaches to carbon management for industry. He has a lot to say on both science and the energy industry’s pathways. 


THE ECONOMICS…  Dr. Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy. She’s a sought-after expert on energy and petroleum economics globally. For the past 15 months she’s been appearing online almost on a daily basis to analyze short and long-term oil and gas economics, pricing and prospects. She’s consulted for research groups, companies and governments. Carole appears regularly on BBC and other news and financial media and founded the energy-economics think tank, Crystol Energy. She has provided advice on the uncertainties of the future, the pace of energy transition, and the impact of both demand and pricing. And the importance of risk.


THE STRATEGY…  Micah Smith. He’s a Senior Partner at McKinsey and Company. He consults for major energy companies globally as a key leader in McKinsey’s energy practice. He is sought after to develop strategies and pathways for the digital transformation of energy businesses, and increasingly, how digital technology intersects with energy transition and low carbon.  


THE MODERATOR...  Me, Ron Beck, tasked with bringing out the best from these four thought leaders, and digging for some nuggets of insight.


The Result?  

We expect some insights into the way industry should think, from Rob Socolow; the route forward an industry innovator is paving, from Ahmad Khowaiter;  the geo economic view, from Carole Nakhle;  and how to put that altogether into a strategic advantage from Micah Smith.

A truly thought-provoking hour of conversation. Be There!


Find the five of us, sharing our thoughts, at OPTIMIZE 2021, 10:00 am, Tuesday, May 18th. Register for free online now.

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