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Stork and AspenTech: Busting APM Myths for Customers

April 06, 2021

In part one of his two-part blog, Steve Hillock busts some commonly-believed myths about APM, AI and other topics. We hope you enjoy part two, as Steve delves into the successful partnership between the two companies.


AspenTech and Stork continue to strengthen our partnership to help customers accelerate their digital transformation journeys. The partnership is reinforced by the latest advances in AI and machine learning, and married with decades of domain expertise. Our shared goal: Enable companies to weave a digital thread throughout the design, operation and maintenance of their facilities and value chains. AspenTech and Stork combine offerings to help industrial assets run more efficiently, sustainably and safely through the entire lifecycle.


Busting Myths to Save Time and Money 

Stork has been engaged in the AspenTech partnership for a bit more than a year now and we’ve already successfully executed several analytics projects for clients. We’re busting the old myth that maintenance must be performed on a routine calendar basis, whether the equipment needs it or not. AI and machine learning open the door to condition-based maintenance, and give our customers powerful predictive capabilities. In some cases, we’ve reduced maintenance costs and avoided taking down equipment that didn’t really need to be idled—therefore delivering more runtime from existing assets before scheduling a maintenance intervention.

Another area where we’ve seen positive results: The power to predict—not days, not hours, but weeks in advance—when critical assets are indicating failure. With two and three additional weeks of lead time, our clients derive strong benefits. They get precious time to plan for that failure in advance, minimizing impact to the environment, their operating costs, and their ability to meet customer demands. All those are very important business issues. These early warnings help customers manage their business more effectively. 


Combining Strengths to Serve Our Customers 

One of the best things about our partnership with AspenTech: Each partner understands how we help the other. Stork doesn’t aspire to develop and own software; our role is to provide implementation and analytics services, and solutions that come from our deep domain knowledge in several industry verticals. We rely on AspenTech for a lot of the IT-related issues that come into play with software products. In turn, AspenTech has learned to trust Stork’s domain expertise, knowledge of equipment, and recognition of what “good” looks like in equipment operability. 

Another thing that makes this partnership work? Both companies have relationships with many clients around the world. Sharing pertinent information can benefit our clients and theirs, and bring more value to everyone. AspenTech is very focused on client value, just like Stork has always been. Our mutual goal is to work together in a way that’s good for each other, and most importantly, for the benefit of our clients. Ultimately, it’s a win-win.

As AspenTech develops its APM suite, I’ve been pleased with its approach: the willingness to look at other technologies, listen to Stork’s perspective on our clients’ needs, and collaborate to meet them. 

To learn more, I encourage you to attend our upcoming Webinar on Maintenance Maturity and APM 4.0. Join our experts and gain valuable insights into the myths and truths of APM and maintenance maturity. Hear how APM 4.0 is the key to achieving that next level in your maintenance—and that it doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. You’ll learn how together Stork and AspenTech can help you:


  • Prevent equipment breakdowns by adjusting the process, eliminating damage-causing behavior
  • Plan safe and environmentally incident-free service and repair
  • Improve asset availability with contemporary maintenance practices
  • Demonstrate quick return-on-investment and then scale enterprise-wide – with proven management of as many as 100 assets in 100 days!


See how leading companies are using APM technologies and best practices to achieve maintenance maturity as part of their digital transformation. Register Now! By registering for this webinar, your contact information may be shared with Stork. Please click here to view our data privacy policy.



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