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OPTIMIZE 2021 APM Session Highlights

A Curated Guide

June 15, 2021

As AspenTech’s OPTIMIZE 2021 conference, the premier global event for operational executives and digital leaders within capital-intensive industries, wraps up – we have captured key highlights and takeaways from the AspenTech APM team to help you navigate through the recorded sessions to learn more about how to leverage APM products and solutions in your organization. Please note that all these recorded sessions will only be available on-demand until June 30th, 2021.


OPTIMIZE 2021 APM Session Highlights 

In case you missed it, AspenTech President & CEO Antonio Pietri addressed OPTIMIZE 2021 attendees with his keynote: The Future Starts with Industrial AI. Antonio talked about the role AspenTech has played over the past 40 years, consistently innovating and moving our customers forward on their journey to the Smart Enterprise, or Self-Optimizing Plant. As always, Antonio knocked it out of the park, as he shared the AspenTech POV and positioning. Antonio’s session can be viewed here

AspenTech Senior Director, Product Management, Tom Sears set the stage for the APM track with his session Aligning Availability to Plan with Autonomous Reliability (APM 4.0). Addressing a critical element of the Self-Optimizing Plant, this session focused on the long-term AspenTech APM vision, with great takeaways on how to monitor and detect potential risks, quantify and qualify their impact, and advise on the most appropriate mitigation options to ensure continuous production alignment. 

Another important AspenTech presentation was by the rest of the Product Management team. For the session, they used a simulated example to talk through how Aspen Event Analytics™ (EA), Aspen Mtell®, and Aspen ProMV™ can be used to holistically solve a process problem. Janet Blancett, APM Product Manager presented a common example that all three products used. Watch Realizing the Vision: The Pathway to Autonomous Reliability here.

Several of our customers presented at OPTIMIZE 2021 and shared success stories on how they are using AspenTech APM solutions.


Here are sessions discussing how AspenTech Mtell has helped our customers:

Pan American Energy: Predictive Maintenance Deployment in Campana Refinery: A Fast-Track Project Developed During the Pandemic

  • Mtell was deployed remotely during pandemic; 1 critical asset was monitored
  • “Mtell is a tool for experts, not a replacement of experts.”


LG Chem: Prescriptive Maintenance Using Aspen Mtell at LG Chem

  • Scope of the pilot included 6 assets, 700 sensors and 77 agents across 3 plants
  • Benefits of implementing Aspen Mtell as presented by LG Chem: Daesan Complex – savings of approximately $2.6 million for 24 assets; Yeosu Complex – approximately $1 million for 23 assets


Bluestar (Beijing) Technology Center Co., Ltd: Predictive Maintenance Based on Digital Transformation Helps Bluestar Group Achieve Safety, Environmental and Economic Benefits

  • Furnish APC with equipment health using Aspen Mtell so that APC will adjust targets accordingly without pushing the process to its edge for economic benefits
  • Mtell helped them reduce excessive, unwanted maintenance activities


Hargrove Controls + Automation: Experience Using Aspen Mtell to Gain Value Across Industry Verticals

  • Mtell can be applied across various industry verticals: Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Pulp & Paper
  • Mtell can be deployed not just on rotating equipment but also on static equipment, and on a small device such as a rotary valve


Sardeolica Srl: The Digitalization Journey of Sardeolica Wind Farm 

  • First deployment of Mtell at a windfarm worldwide: 57 wind turbines, for an overall capacity of 126 MW and a yearly energy yield of 250 GWh
  • Sardeolica believes in the importance of change in maintenance culture and has invested to increase the power plant control, optimize productivity and increase mechanical availability.


 And if you are interested in what our ProMV product can do, these customer presentations are a must-watch: 

Braskem: Reducing Braskem’s Pyrolysis Furnace Energy Consumption with Aspen ProMV

  • Reduced energy consumption of various furnaces on site using only process changes within months with ProMV.  Previously “troubleshooting requires high man hours from engineers.”
  • After deploying the first ProMV model, realized savings of >$80k in one month from a single furnace.  Deploying on 10 furnaces.


Essentia: Reducing Off-Spec Product and Improving Reactor Stability in Polypropylene Production with Aspen ProMV

  • Improved catalyst productivity by 20% and reduced off spec production by 10% with only process changes enabled by ProMV


Petrocuyo: How Petrocuyo is Tackling Off Spec Product and Reducing Reprocessing Chemical Use by 60% with Aspen ProMV

  • Pre-ProMV only saw ON SPEC product 13% of the time.  Off spec product required treatment with harsh chemicals
  • Are now at acceptable quality levels and have reduced use of downstream treatment chemicals by 60%


And finally, our Fidelis product customer stories can be viewed here: 

Corteva: How Corteva Dramatically Reduces Modeling Project Schedules and Increases End-To-End Value with Aspen Fidelis™ 

  • Automated their data modeling with Fidelis to better manage resources and project funding


Borealis: How Borealis Makes Aspen Fidelis™ Analysis Part of How They Do Business 

  • Used Fidelis to better define what maintenance activities, and at what interval, would prevent Emergency Valve failures.  Failures were resulting in losses to flare and days of lost production
  • Were able to optimize to a target of 50 years MTBF for the Emergency Valve


Enjoy and we hope to see you at our next OPTIMIZE conference!



















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