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OPTIMIZE 2021 and the "New Normal"

A collaborative look at 2021 and beyond

May 05, 2021

In these unprecedented times, capital-intensive industries have had to learn the critical importance of operating with insight and agility while navigating huge shifts in demand, supply chains, workforce and economics. Organizations have been tested for the depth of their resilience like never before, and AspenTech customers are no exception. 

We have supported our customers throughout the pandemic by helping them manage the extreme volatility and be as prepared as they can be for the “new normal,” whatever that may look like—and to help make the necessary shift to digitalization in order to remain competitive and relevant.

In addition to accelerating the shift to digital, the events of the last twelve to fifteen months helped shine a light on the need for greater process and asset optimization and the critical role that digital technologies and Industrial AI play in helping companies achieve these goals.

As a result, more companies are leveraging AspenTech’s AI-powered digital solutions. 

Here are three:


  • Oil and gas giant, BPCL uses digital twin technology to track emissions every five minutes from every source in its refinery. The emissions data is captured by data historians to identify trends, correct errors and optimize BPCL’s fuel production.
  • Japanese packaging company FP Corporation implemented AspenTech’s supply chain solution to optimize its return trucks and integrate used containers, reducing carbon emissions by 135K metric tons and landfill waste by 375K metric tons.
  • Using our prescriptive maintenance technology, a US energy company improved its safety and environmental performance while saving 30% in maintenance costs and estimated production losses of $30M with early failure predictions of its hydrogen network.


To hear more stories like these from other AspenTech customers, I invite you to attend OPTIMIZE 2021 in just two weeks. OPTIMIZE is the premier global event for executives and operational leaders in capital-intensive industries who need to accelerate their digitalization journey in response to the new normality of volatile markets.

With the theme The Future Starts with Industrial AI, this year’s virtual experience shares best practices and innovative solutions to achieve new levels of operational excellence, running assets safer, greener, longer and faster—regardless of market conditions. 

Discover how Industrial AI enables a new era of autonomy and the Self-Optimizing Plant, and how to:


  • Accelerate your digitalization journey to achieve new levels of operational excellence. 
  • Drive safety and sustainability by maximizing your efficiency and reliability. 
  • Gain operational agility and flexibility necessary to respond quickly to changing market needs and enable new business models.
  • Empower the next generation of workers, allowing them to focus on the highest-value-add activities.


With over 100 speakers and more than 700 businesses already registered, OPTIMIZE 2021 is set to deliver a wealth of robust content covering 22 industries, a diversity of viewpoints and concrete takeaways that can be actioned quickly. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to engage with colleagues from around the world and benefit from the amazing collaboration that we have already seen from customers, partners and friends during the run up to the event.

Our keynotes, plenaries and speaker sessions examine various paths to embracing digitalization and agility, whether it is:


  • The Keynote kickoff by AspenTech CEO and President, Antonio Pietri who shares his vision for the Self-Optimizing Plant; 
  • The Sustainability Imperative panel featuring speakers from McKinsey, Phillips 66, SABIC and the European Refining Association;
  • Tracks for Pharma, Biotech and Metals & Mining (first time); 
  • Insights from AspenTech experts, partners and customers in performance engineering, AIoT strategies, the evolution of MES, and the new era of autonomy.
  • And much more!


Our APM track, for one, focuses largely on aligning performance and production goals, improving asset and process performance and includes demonstrations geared to diagnosing a problem in advance, acting on recommendations from our Aspen Mtell®product, assessing process health, and quantifying and mitigating risk.  


On May 18-20, the future starts with Industrial AIregister now to secure your spot. 









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