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Learn From Carbon Mitigation Innovators and "First-Movers"

Early Adopters Lead the Pack in Carbon Capture and Mitigation

May 12, 2021

Over 40% of energy and chemical companies globally say that they will be investing in carbon capture and related carbon mitigation technologies over the next five years. Are you currently engaged in one of these projects?

In the rapidly evolving and changing landscape of carbon capture technology, there is much to learn from “first-movers” and innovators in this field. That’s why AspenTech has invited many of these innovators to speak at OPTIMIZE 2021, May 18-20.  We have actively recruited some of the leading companies working today on technologies that will form the basis for the sustainable businesses of tomorrow. Here is a quick walk through some of the presentations. I am highly recommending that you attend to take advantage of the important learnings and ideas particularly in the sustainability area:


Matthew Campbell, Principal Technology at Technology Centre Mongstad will be giving an information-packed, fantastic presentation on the learnings from the world’s largest carbon capture test facilities. His presentation is filled with important information they have learned through practical experience related to successful process layouts for carbon capture. And he’ll talk about how Aspen Plus helps them effectively model the performance and economics of proposed carbon capture projects. This session will be at 11:30 AM EDT, May 18.


Bill Gross, CEO of Carbon Capture, Inc. and Heliogen, a high powered entrepreneur and innovator, will give a must-see presentation on new approaches they are taking to direct air CO2 capture utilizing solar power, innovative chemical engineering, and AI and optimization technology. Before going down a conventional CO2 capture path, listen to his approach. Broadcasting at 12:00 noon EDT, May 18, review the agenda item here.


Hasan Imran, Senior Scientist, Carbon Management from Saudi Aramco, will be sharing with the industry important work that Saudi Aramco has been doing to develop a software tool to analyze the relative benefits and economics of sustainability options for reducing carbon emissions. This important presentation reflects several years of innovation and work at Aramco, and they’ve decided to share it with the industry. Broadcasting at 11:00 EDT, May 18, review the agenda item here


Dr. Erhan Ozsagiroglu and colleagues, from the simulation group at Tupras will be presenting on how industrial AI, namely Aspen Hybrid Models for HYSYS, is enabling Tupras to reduce energy use and carbon emissions in refining. Their presentation shows how they have developed an online modeling approach to predict and reduce heat exchanger fouling in a much faster and more effective way than ever before possible. Definitely good carbon mitigation ideas here for any refinery or chemical producer. Broadcasting at 10:30 AM EDT, May 19, review the agenda item here.


Process intensification is another way many chemical producers are looking to use for carbon mitigation. A very interesting poster presentation from Dr. Mohamad Rizza Othman and Dr. Norul Malakiah Sidek of the University of Malaysia presents the results of using an intensified dividing wall column (DWC) approach, which can dramatically reduce energy use in oleochemistry. This poster will be viewable on-demand throughout the OPTIMIZE conference.

And in the area of blue hydrogen, another strategic direction in carbon mitigation, Kedar Gidh of Air Products will be presenting how data streams from their network of hydrogen plants enable simulation models to monitor performance and troubleshoot plants across the network during operations. This will be broadcast at 11:15 AM EDT, May 19.


These are just six of the many valuable presentations that will be presented at OPTIMIZE 2021, May 18 – 20.   Register today – its free of charge.


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