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Avoiding Data Swamps with IT – OT Convergence

Delivering Value with Industrial Data

November 03, 2021


Balancing IT and OT Strategies 

Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) and other C-level executives across the industrial sector are working to achieve a delicate balance between IT (Informational Technologies) and OT (Operational Technologies) strategies while tasked with navigating the business transformation inherent in digitalization initiatives. In our conversations with these executives, the business imperatives can be grouped into three distinct categories: holistic risk management in volatile and uncertain markets, margin improvement in challenging environments, and sustainability goals in conjunction with profitability and productivity targets. The question quickly becomes which of these are IT and which of these are OT imperatives? We find many customers are struggling with defining the problem comprehensively and identifying the right combination of talent, technology and process to address the problem.


Mired in the Data Swamp 

One thing our customers agree with is that data is integral to their digitalization initiatives; where they differ is the level of maturity they have achieved in managing that data and deriving business value from it. Often an organization will build data lakes in which data from disparate sources is aggregated. These data lakes are capturing data at an accelerating rate and rely on a highly skilled workforce to put that data to good use. At the same time, these highly skilled personnel are difficult to cultivate, and the issue is further exacerbated by a rapidly evolving workforce. The data lake that previously had so much potential becomes a data swamp with less visibility and more complexity than you started with. 


Enterprise IP.21 – First Step to Digital Enterprise  

Navigating this type of industrial data complexity requires a new generation of data historians that bridge the gap between existing technologies and cloud-enabled solutions. Aspen Enterprise IP.21 Historian™ is this next-generation historian, building the foundation for true digital transformation with a cloud-ready infrastructure purpose-built for Industrial AI applications.

Key Enterprise IP.21 benefits include:

Closing the Skills Gap and Greater Collaboration – Employees can securely access the necessary data for their role, closing an emerging skills gap, and facilitating greater collaboration between data scientists and process engineers on how they access and use data.

Accelerating Actionable Insights – How industrial organizations visualize data, run machine learning algorithms on it, put it into workflows and make it consumable is the final step in making raw data truly actionable.

Enterprise-Wide Workflows and Visualizations – Identifies relevant data, correlations and events with tags, mapping the relationships between them and mobilizing those datasets as they’re relevant to various end user personas.


AspenTech Enables your OT and IT Convergence 

At AspenTech we specialize in the convergence of IT and OT – enabling our customers to address IT and OT imperatives in tandem with our complete end-to-end solution. AspenTech is not just a cloud company, an AI company, or a data historian company. We are also a manufacturing and supply chain company, an asset performance management company and a performance engineering company. 40 years of cutting-edge industrial experience allows us to provide effective solutions with easy integration and fast time to value, making AspenTech the leader in a new breed of Industrial AI solution providers. 


To learn more, check out our AIoT solutions page.



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