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Using a cloud-hosted repository of material, Exchange gives you immediate access to learning tools, sample process models, and literature, as well as equipment selection tools from within Aspen Plus®, Aspen HYSYS® or Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating.
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Find exactly what you are looking for.

Exchange allows you to easily run and filter a comprehensive search for the tools you need to solve your engineering problems. Exchange houses a wide variety of sample simulations and thousands of articles, tips, examples, and FAQ’s on many different topics. Look through continually updated content to find the best solution and check back regularly for updates!

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Increase the accuracy of process designs.

Quickly search for, size, evaluate, and integrate equipment specifications directly into the process design. Use engineering tools to perform detailed analysis of equipment or processes—d irectly from the simulator—and incorporate the results seamlessly. Equipment selection tools currently available in Exchange include PumpFLO and Intelliquip Pumps.

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E-Learning in Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS

AspenTech currently offers Online Training to help you get up to speed faster with our products. Now with E-Learning in Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS, you have access to carefully curated learning content organized by topics. Find relevant E-Learning groups with a plethora of helpful material, including CBTs, Jump Start Guides, example models, video tutorials, blogs from the AspenTech Community, and more.

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Access resources for Heat Exchanger Design and Rating.

The Aspen HTFS Research Network provides access to a comprehensive set of references to heat exchanger theory and practice, detailed derivation and comparisons of design methods, validation of design procedures, and descriptions of the technical methods used by the Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating thermal suite of products. This set of resources, including the HTFS handbook, design reports, research reports, and the heatflo database. It’s available inside Aspen EDR through Exchange.

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Solids knowledge at your fingertips.

With Aspen Process Manual, access critical knowledge from 150 authors from over 30 years from inside Aspen Plus for topics including Applied Rheology, Bulks Solids Handling, Crystallization, Drying, Gas Cleaning, Slurry Handling, and more. Aspen Process Manual is now available inside Aspen Plus through Exchange.

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Share your contribution to process design.

Exchange content is not only provided by AspenTech—anyone can contact us about posting material such as process examples, custom models, equipment specification tools, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain visibility among process engineers worldwide.

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