AspenTech Operational Insights™

Correlate, analyze and visualize massive amounts of disparate data to identify the crucial few items that require attention.

Turn Data into Critical Intelligence at All Levels in the Enterprise

Energy and Emissions Management

Automate emissions reduction with powerful tools. Empower staff to proactively reduce emissions. Report with transparency across the enterprise.

Operational Excellence KPI-based Decision-making

Present operational KPIs to all stakeholders at all levels. Make decisions to bring results closer to operating plans.

Value Chain Visibility and Decision Support

Bring together each asset’s plans, schedules, line-of-business supply and demand to manage the value chain for profit, asset utilization and customer deliveries.

Introducing Emissions Management

  • Delivers enterprise visibility and drill down to all available data
  • Provides real-time visibility of GHG emissions
  • Monitors actual versus planned emissions and margins
  • Utilizes underlying models to identify and prioritize actions to manage and abate carbon emissions

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