APAC Webinar (English): Track and Reduce Carbon with Aspen Unified™ Solutions

February 10, 2022, 1:30 PM SGT / 11:00 AM IST/ 2:30 PM KST / 3:30 PM AEST

Refiners and olefins producers continue to look for innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions. New innovations now enable companies to meet emission targets and still ensure profitable operations. In this upcoming webinar experts discuss how Production Optimization in Aspen Unified can be used to predict and optimize the tradeoff between emissions and profits.


See how Planning and Scheduling links to Execution Systems and Advanced Process Control enabling you to:

  • Model CO2, other emissions and emissions taxation schemes
  • Set limits and targets on CO2 and other emissions to ensure compliance to sustainability targets
  • Respond quickly to shifts in market demand with improved prediction of plant-wide emissions
  • Maintain profits by understanding effects of feedstock and operational changes on sustainability metrics

Learn how digital technology can help you achieve your sustainability goals.


APAC Webinar (English): Track and Reduce Carbon with Aspen Unified™ Solutions

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Track and Reduce Carbon with Aspen Unified Solutions

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