Executive Conversation and Workshop

AspenTech invites you to engage with us in an executive-level strategy workshop.

These are some of the areas where we can partner with
your team to help advance your business initiatives.

Bidding & Estimating

This workshop will help to identify and refine the roles, technologies and business processes required to quickly and efficiently produce accurate bids to win more work.

New Revenue Streams

This workshop will focus on how you can leverage your existing skills and technologies to drive new revenue streams from supporting the operations and maintenance (O&M) phase of the plant lifecycle.

Concurrent Process Engineering

This workshop will focus on how you can increase engineering productivity while improving project outcomes through use of model-based, cross-discipline workflows and a consistent set of project data.

To make these workshops most effective, it has been our experience that they should involve several key executives and/or their deputies who represent the business process areas being discussed. AspenTech will bring senior leadership who are in a position to commit resources to a mutually agreed engagement.

The expected outcome of these executive workshops is one or more prioritized areas of joint work, with specific follow-on actions, which capitalize on areas of AspenTech expertise to make the strongest impact on your priorities.