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Digital Twins: The Accelerated Path to Autonomous Operations

The concept of digital twins has been around since 1960s, but the term was first introduced nearly a decade ago by NASA's John Vickers. Until very recently, adoption of digital twins has been inconsistent, but acceptance looks to be accelerating with recent market shifts. Today’s users are seeing exponential benefits by deploying multiple digital twins across sites. The next wave of digitalization innovations, powered by digital twins and AI, is creating new levels of agility and flexibility, paving the way to autonomous operations.


The Self-Optimizing Plant Powered by Industrial AI

Enter the era of autonomy and take the first steps to the Self-Optimizing Plant – a self-learning, self-adapting and self-sustaining operation driven by Industrial AI that will help you thrive in any market condition. Watch this video to learn how you can start realizing this vision today.


Achieve Sustainable, Profitable Results with Unified Production Optimization

Energy and Chemical companies continue to look for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and remain profitable. Advancements in digital optimization technology are helping industry leaders navigate the energy transition, meet sustainability goals and optimize operations. Learn how companies like Marathon Petroleum, Samref and CEPSA are using Unified Production Optimization to lower CO2 emissions, reduce energy intensity, maximize margins and much more!





Mejore la confiabilidad de los activos con Aspen Mtell

En los últimos 40 años, las mejores prácticas de mantenimiento han mejorado enormemente, pero el equipo continúa fallando.. Entonces, ¿cómo se puede mejorar la confiabilidad de los activos? Con el software de mantenimiento predictivo Aspen Mtell, puede predecir averías con semanas de anticipación y tomar medidas para proteger sus máquinas, las inversiones, el medio ambiente y, lo más importante, las personas.


OPTIMIZE™ 21: Message from AspenTech President and CEO, Antonio Pietri

What can you expect at this year’s OPTIMIZE™ virtual experience? Watch as Antonio Pietri, President and CEO of Aspen Technology, talks about the key highlights of OPTIMIZE 21 and why it’s the premier global event for companies within capital-intensive industries that want to accelerate their digitalization journey.


La Planta Auto-Optimizable impulsada por IA industrial

Ingrese a la era de la autonomía y dé los primeros pasos hacia la Planta Auto-Optimizable, una operación de autoaprendizaje, autoadaptativa y autosostenible impulsada por IA industrial que lo ayudará a prosperar en cualquier condición del mercado. Mire este video para aprender cómo puede comenzar a alcanzar esta visión hoy.


Feeling a Little VUCA?

In this brief video, Antonio Pietri discusses the concept of VUCA and what that means for Industry 4.0 and digitalization in the smart enterprise.






在当今不断发展的全球经济中,能源和化工企业需要以新发现的敏捷性来满足市场需求并实现利润最大化。Aspen DMC3自适应控制现在嵌入强大的人工智能机器学习算法,通过简单地挖掘历史数据来建立种子模型。观看此视频,了解如何在闭环中协调多个APC,并实时优化宽幅封套,以协调规划、调度和操作,显著减少利润泄漏和能源成本。

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