Meet Growing Power Needs Sustainably

Deregulation, new fuels, new energy-generation technologies, electric vehicles, distributed energy production — all are transforming the systems that monitor, maintain and control the energy that drives the modern world. With our focus on standard products instead of custom built bespoke systems, we are helping our customers use technology and innovation to solve real-world problems.


Salt River Project Relies on AspenTech as Foundation for its Distribution Enablement Program

Largest electricity provider in greater Phoenix continues to improve power reliability, efficiency and safety with AspenTech’s digital grid solutions





Mastering the Dual Challenge

Meeting the demands of today without compromising the expectations of tomorrow will require a balance between operational excellence and sustainability. View this video and learn how the new AspenTech is ready to help you overcome these challenges with proven, digital solutions that are focused on creating a sustainable future for all.

AspenTech Operational Insights

Correlate, analyze and visualize massive amounts of disparate data to identify the crucial few items that require attention.


Sustainability Pathways – Helping Companies Address the Dual Challenge

AspenTech has created structured solutions packages – known as Sustainability Pathways – designed to help companies strategically meet sustainability targets across 11 of the most impactful areas.

Midstream and LNG

AspenTech's end-to-end solution for engineering, operational analytics and control of midstream facilities optimizes gas processing yields and reduces OPEX.


Technology to Rebalance the Energy Trilemma

Digitalization solutions offer significant efficiency improvements to existing assets as well as the planning and design capabilities to prepare for new technologies.


The New AspenTech

We welcome OSI and Geological Simulation Software businesses to AspenTech.


aspenONE V14 — Innovation to Address the Dual Challenge

Our customers sit at the forefront of addressing the Dual Challenge – meeting the increasing demand from a growing population but in a sustainable way. The innovations in V14 are designed specifically for this purpose.

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