aspenONE PIMS Platinum

React Faster to Discrepancies Between the Plan and Schedule.

With new aspenONE® PIMS Platinum, you can bring the refinery plan and schedule into the same environment to increase agility and more closely align planning and operations. Plus, you can now access PIMS from any web-enabled device without installing client software!
aspenONE PIMS Platinum
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For the first time - see the plan and schedule together.

React faster to discrepancies between the plan and schedule and effectively exploit optionality to make smarter, more profitable decisions in your supply chain.

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Run more scenarios—faster than ever.

Leverage PIMS-AO's parallel processing to evaluate multiple scenarios simultaneously in a fraction of the time used by traditional methods. Shorter run times lead to more and quicker analysis resulting in better decision making.

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Run planning cases and modify data from within the flowsheet.

Aspen PIMS Platinum is changing planning with a web-based, flowsheet environment. Visualize constraints, evaluate economics by asset, adjust the plan, and see its immediate impact. Now PIMS Platinum allows you to run planning cases and modify data on the flowsheet, making it easier than ever to identify opportunities and share data.

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Leverage HTML5.

aspenONE PIMS Platinum, the world's first web-based flowsheet environment, enables you to access the refinery and schedule safely and securely anytime, anywhere on any browser-enabled device—without the cost of maintaining client-side software.

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Manage plans with refinery flowsheet view.

Planners can see the entire refinery in one view with all active unit constraints highlighted. Easily identify the most valuable constraints or quickly troubleshoot the root cause of infeasibility and material balance problems.

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Drill down into specific units with the click of a button.

Tracking a potential up or downstream?  Need to look closely at a specific unit?  Simply click on the unit directly from the flowsheet for additional details.  From here you can make changes as necessary and see the result.  The Platinum environment makes planning more agile and facilitates faster decision making.

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