Aspen Asset Analytics
Create an accurate digital twin of the asset’s performance, guiding operators away from trouble and preventing process upsets
Get the complete view of asset performance

Get the complete view of asset performance. Our blended modeling combines engineering, production and performance models to deliver a comprehensive understanding of performance with prescriptive guidance for operators.

Pre-packaged big data solutions to improve asset reliability
Asset Analytics are highly tailored, pre-packaged big data solutions to complex problems in asset effectiveness and reliability. They are true digital twins of the asset that help operators avoid downtime through prescriptive guidance.
Aspen Asset Analytics
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Introduction to Root Cause Analysis in Aspen Asset Analytics

A brief introduction to the capabilities and key features of the Root Cause Analysis feature within Aspen Asset Analytics.


Keep your plants running through predictive analytics

Discover how to predict upsets early and receive guidance on how to manage the upsets, saving billions by avoiding plant downtime and off-spec. production.


Creating an Analytic - Column Analytics Demo

Column Analytics gives one "X-ray vision" to see what is going on in a column to prevent process abuse and notify the operator of needed process changes before the column goes down due to flooding.


Asset Analytics Root Cause Analytics Demo

Root Cause determines the weaknesses in processes so that the real cause or reason for a failure in a process can be eliminated. RCA looks upward into a process and prioritizes the weaknesses that mi...