Basic Chemicals

Digital Transformation, also called Industry 4.0, is the next stage of development for Basic Chemicals, and AspenTech solutions give your company the competitiveness boost required to succeed worldwide.

Reduce Operating Costs and Maximize Utilization

  • Manage costs throughout your production processes by reducing energy use, delivering more on-spec product and maximizing yields with AspenTech's comprehensive Unified Production Optimization approach.
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Now Available with aspenONE V11 - Unified Production Optimization

AspenTech’s Unified Production Optimization solution provides quantifiable benefits for companies who are on their digitalization journey to improve margins, increase productivity and adapt faster to ...

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Braskem Implements Aspen DMC3 to Deploy Controllers in Just Two Weeks and Immediately Accrues Benefits

Braskem is the largest petrochemical company in Latin America, the leading producer of polypropylene in the United States, and the eighth-largest resin producer worldwide. Braskem used Adaptive Proces...

Case Study
Westlake Chemical Improves Reaction Time from Hours to Minutes

Westlake Chemical Improves Reaction Time from Hours to Minutes

Learn how Westlake assesses time sensitive supply chain opportunities, such as accepting a modified customer order, in a matter of minutes using Aspen Plant Scheduler rather than four hours using prev...

Case Study

Improve Asset Reliability and Integrity

  • Reduce plant downtime by predicting and preventing problems and giving operations teams the knowledge to optimize processes with AspenTech's suite of Asset Performance Management software.

Improve Asset Reliability with Aspen Mtell

Over the past 40 years, maintenance best practices have greatly improved, but equipment continues to break down. So how can asset reliability be improved? With Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance sof...

machine learning for prescriptive maintenance

Why Reactive Maintenance Just Won't Cut it Anymore

It’s time to embrace low-touch machine learning, a disruptive technology that uses real asset data to provide months of advanced notice on failures.

Process Manufacturing with Aspen ProMV®

Process Manufacturing with Aspen ProMV™

Aspen ProMV provides insight into all the variability issues that plague process manufacturing, and guidance for process engineers, control engineers, and operators to make appropriate process adjustm...


Enable Efficient Project Execution

  • Maximize return on capital employed over the asset life cycle with AspenTech's comprehensive Performance Engineering capabilities that optimizes trade-offs between capital investment, cost structure, reliability and operational flexibility.
The Aspen Fidelis Reliability™ Difference: Minimize Risk, Maximize Profitability

Making Capital Project Management Decisions: Minimize Risk, Maximize Profitability

Making big capital project management decisions shouldn’t be left to subjective perceptions or over-simplified analysis. Decision-makers need quantifiable, trustworthy answers to make the most profita...

White Paper
Improving Project Productivity on a Global Scale

Improving Project Productivity on a Global Scale

This Chemical Industry Digest article describes how to lower costs through improved productivity during Basic Engineering and FEED.

White Paper
Aspen Plus: Process Simulation for Chemicals  Tile

Aspen Plus Brochure: Process Simulation for Chemicals

Aspen Plus advances the performance of chemical processes using the best-in-class simulation software for bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. This powerful modeling tech...