Supporting Your Business During COVID-19 Restrictions

We appreciate that you are facing multiple challenges right now. From keeping your employees and their families safe against this pandemic, to responding to dynamic shifts in supply and demand as world markets react. Complex businesses face complex challenges when addressing these unprecedented levels of volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity.

We are confident that we are taking all the necessary steps to uphold the health and safety of our employees, and we continue to uphold our commitments to supporting your business. Our network systems and tools enable the people who are helping you every day to continue to do so, with the highest levels of support. We are rapidly moving many training classes online, so that your teams can continue to drive maximum value from your investments.

Accessing training, knowledge and support services

  • Customer service operations. We want to make sure that when you need us, we are there to help. Our customer and training websites, and our customer service telephone and chat systems remain robust. Our network system and tools enable the people who collaborate with you every day to continue to do so with the same quality you always enjoyed, even if they have to work off-site.
  • Transitioning Face-to-Face Training Classes to Online Virtual Classes. Through May 31, we are converting our in-person training classes into online classes where we can, to minimize the risks for our attendees and our instructors.
  • Free eLearning Access. We are also offering free eLearning access through May 31. Please contact our customer care team at for more details.
  • Reconfiguration of License Keys. If you have employees that are now working from home and require re-configuration of their aspenONE software license keys to allow bandwidth or temporary additional access, please contact our AspenTech team at
  • On-Demand and Live Webinars. AspenTech conducts a regular schedule of live webinars and has an extensive library of on-demand webinars available on our website. Please visit our Resource Center on for details.

For Universities

To support continued learning online, your students and faculty members can use your licensed aspenONE for University software off campus. They can check out the licenses while they are connected to your licensing server on the university network.

Additionally, if a user has difficulties maintaining connection to the licensing server, there is a Commuting feature (SLM Commute Tool) that allows the user to use the software offline. Please view this article to find out how to run this SLM Commute tool: (Note: AspenTech support account login is required to view the article.)

Our thoughts remain with those families directly impacted by this pandemic and those on the frontline working every day to contain the outbreaks and deliver health services. We will continue to follow government advice and adapt as necessary.