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Lifecycle solutions for the downstream industry improve refinery reliability and availability, and achieve the agility required to take advantage of global crude markets and shifts in crude slates and product demand.


What Is All the Hype Around OTS and Lifecycle Dynamic Modeling?

Find out how owner-operators are seeing real benefits by incorporating lifecycle dynamic modeling into their operator training simulators.


Technological Innovation Creates New Opportunities in Oil & Gas

Dr. Carole Nakhle, CEO of Crystol Energy, takes a look at how the industry is leveraging exciting new advances to become cleaner, greener and more resilient.


Accelerate Your Knowledge Delivery With Aspen eLearning!

As changing business conditions and an evolving workforce challenge companies in the process industries, AspenTech is working to meet their diverse training needs.


Lower For … Ever?

In a challenging economic environment, where can executives look for relief? Asset reliability and maintenance are becoming key value drivers, thanks to big data technologies, analytics and machine learning.


Oil and Gas Organizations Must Digitize Faster

The latest generation of asset performance management can improve output performance while also shoring up CAPEX expenditures. .


Next-Generation Engineers and Data Science — The New Industrial Revolution

As organizations embrace new approaches to asset management and maintenance, what does it mean for the engineers that keep the systems running?


Worried About Compressor Surge? There’s a Solution for That

Find out how process plant operators and designers can ensure uninterrupted compressor operation using advanced dynamic analysis.


Top Five Tips to Get the Most out of Aspen eLearning

Follow these hints to learn the skills that matter most in your job and discover how to use the latest features in AspenTech software!


The Digital Energy Company: An Evening at Canary Wharf in London Provides Insight

Digital transformation is an imperative for energy companies around the world, but where are the greatest opportunities? A recent forum organized by Access for Women in Energy explored this question with industry leaders!

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