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On-Demand Webinar: Drive Higher Productivity and Profitability through Prescriptive APM featuring LNS

According to LNS Research, companies that pursue asset performance management (APM) focused solely on reducing downtime are missing the opportunity to increase productivity and improve profitability. During this webinar, LNS Research Fellow Dan Miklovic will describe why sometimes the most reliable assets are not the most profitable assets.

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On-Demand Webinar: Connecting the Dots from Asset Performance Management to Profitability

How are today’s industry executives maximizing the reliability and value of their assets? With asset performance management powered by the industrial internet of things and machine learning, companies can leverage both equipment and process data to extend the life of their assets and achieve optimum reliability. In this on-demand webinar presented by ARC Advisory Group Vice President Ralph Rio and AspenTech Senior VP John Hague, you’ll learn how APM 2.0 is enabling companies to break down the wall between operations and maintenance and achieve a higher return on assets.

On Demand Webinar

Upstream’s Digital Future: Using Data Analytics to Drive Down Costs

Based on our recent survey, 40% of upstream companies are currently using data analytics to improve operational effectiveness. Hear Ian Lewis and Justin Jacobs from Petroleum Economist present insights from this survey of upstream industry executives during this on-demand webinar. The webinar also includes case study examples of upstream companies reducing production costs using data analytics. Find out how predictive modeling and machine learning are revolutionizing oil and gas asset economics and reducing production costs. Don’t get left behind—watch now!

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Uma visão profissional e prática sobre Manutenção Prescritiva

Neste Webinar, a especialista da AspenTech Fúlvia Borges vai demonstrar como informações para tomadas de decisão embasadas em dados e usando Inteligência Artificial e Machine Learning podem mitigar problemas de manutenção e melhorar produtividade.

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A Practitioner’s View of Prescriptive Maintenance

You’ve heard of Prescriptive Maintenance (RxM), but how can you leverage it to drive real value in your organization? In this on-demand webinar, AspenTech’s Ryan Conger demonstrates how data-driven insights from AI and machine learning mitigate maintenance issues and improve productivity. Through a series of case studies, Ryan shows how Prescriptive Maintenance is being used to:

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APM Benchmarking Study Results: How Do You Stack Up?

How effective is your asset performance management strategy? During this webinar, ARC Advisory Group Analyst Peter Reynolds shared the results of a recent APM benchmarking survey. View the on-demand webinar and learn how today's industry leaders measure the effectiveness of their APM strategy, what maintenance practices and tools are used and how well they are working, and what groups in an organization have the biggest impact on asset performance. The webinar also includes case study examples of companies maximizing profitability with APM.

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La visión de un profesional sobre el mantenimiento prescriptivo

Aprenda como puede usar el mantenimiento prescriptivo (RxM) para dar un valor real a su organización. En este webinar el experto de AspenTech va a demostrar como los conocimientos basados en datos de AI y de Machine Learning mitigan los problemas de mantenimiento y mejoran la productividad.

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Optimize Your Operations and Gain Insights on Your Assets with Digital Twin Technology from AspenTech

What is a digital twin? Why is it an essential building block for your organization’s initiatives, such as sustainability, operational excellence and improved margins? Leading energy and chemical companies are leveraging digital twin technology to model the behavior and performance of assets to improve their bottom line. In this on-demand webinar AspenTech’s Market Strategy Director and industry expert Ron Beck shares how digital twin technology provides the following benefits:

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On Demand Webinar: Beyond Digitalization-The Path to Increased Reliability and Automation in the Oil Field

Upstream organizations are increasingly leveraging data analytics, machine learning and other advanced modeling approaches to drive automation, productivity and a lower break-even price of production. However, leadership has struggled to understand where to make investments in data enablement. Join AspenTech’s Ron Beck, Industry Marketing Director and Anum Qassam, Senior Product Manager, to gain clear insight into how upstream companies can turn data into dollars.

Live Webinar

Webinar with GSK and Wood - Digitalization at Work: Increasing Visibility, Improving Performance and Safety

Where are you in your digitalization journey? Given recent market volatility, many companies are benefiting from early adoption of digital technologies. Innovations like AI and data analytics improve response times and help keep assets running safely and more cost-effectively.

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