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  • aspenONE® Engineering for Chemicals

    Drive operational excellence and profitability through optimal process design and operations

    aspenONE Engineering for Chemicals is an integrated lifecycle solution—from conceptual design to plant start-up and optimization of operations—to model, build, and operate safer, competitive, and more reliable process plants. It empowers engineers to work faster and smarter by enhancing the speed, accuracy and consistency of their simulation, thereby delivering increased productivity, improved design quality and more profitable operations.

    By gaining insights into plant and equipment behavior, and the economic impact of design and operational decisions, companies are able to optimize performance by reducing capital and operating costs, increasing engineering efficiency and quality, maximizing margins and accelerating time-to-market-with payback in months instead of years.

    aspenONE Engineering for Chemicals enables companies to:

    • Reduce capital costs by 10%-30% for new designs and revamps by simultaneously optimizing steady-state and dynamic process simulation, energy analysis, equipment sizing and design, and economic evaluation
    • Reduce plant operating costs by 2%-5% through better yields, capacity and energy efficiency by integrating simulation models with plant data for operations decision-support and optimization
    • Improve engineering efficiency by up to 30% by enabling multiple disciplines to work concurrently and execute projects globally on a 24/7 basis

    Companies are able to bring new products and designs to market faster and at a higher return on investment. In addition, companies can drive continuous improvement of asset performance through monitoring, de-bottlenecking and revamps, quickly adapting to changing market conditions.

    aspenONE Engineering for Chemicals leverages industry-leading process engineering solutions: Aspen Plus family including Aspen Plus Dynamics, Aspen Custom Modeler, Aspen Polymers, Aspen Batch Modeler, Aspen Energy Analyzer, Aspen Simulation Workbook, Aspen Online Deployment, Aspen Basic Engineering, Aspen Shell & Tube Exchanger, Aspen Air Cooled Exchanger, Aspen Process Economic Analyzer, and more.

    aspenONE Provides One Integrated Environment

    aspenONE™ Provides One Integrated Environment






    More Efficient Process Engineering & Design

    • Accelerate screening of design options
    • Lower capital costs by 10-30%
    • Reduce energy requirements by 50%
    • Achieve operating cost savings of millions of dollars per year
    • Efficiently execute Front End Engineering & Design

    Better Support for Plant Operations

    • Reuse process knowledge via models
    • Save energy, increase plant reliability and safety
    • Increase capacity (de-bottleneck critical equipment)

    Flexible Access to Technology at Lower Cost

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