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  • Aspen OnLine®

    Online closed loop real-time optimization (CLRTO)

    Aspen OnLine enables the online execution of an Aspen Plus® equation-oriented model for continuous online, closed-loop profit optimization. The integration between the optimizer and Aspen DMCplus® is seamless. At the end of each optimization cycle, optimized setpoints are communicated to Aspen DMCplus automatically. Aspen OnLine is a core element of AspenTech’s aspenONE Advanced Process Control applications.


    • Determines plant operating conditions that will maximize any objective function you specify, including process yields, energy usage, stream purities, and process economics
    • Connects Aspen Plus models to online plant data for real-time optimization
    • Utilizes Aspen CIM–IO™ to access DCS or plant databases
    • Built-in integration with Aspen DMCplus
    • Uses a rigorous process model to drive the process profitability


    • Provides robust convergence for real-time solutions with models complex enough to address true unit economics
    • Enables users to leverage engineering knowledge gained from process models into the plant operations environment
    • Faster diagnosis of deteriorating or abnormal operation
    • Allows you to compare current to optimal operation, benchmarking, etc.
    • Provides quick response to feed/product price changes
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