Aspen Licensing Center
  • Aspen Licensing Center

    Enabling you to better manage your aspenONE® software usage

    Aspen Licensing Center helps you to better manage your software investment by enabling best practices around software utilization. Track, monitor, and optimize software usage, identify trends and generate reports, and gain insights into your Peak Demand Token usage. In addition, Aspen Licensing Center provides quick and easy access to on-demand product evaluations. Aspen Licensing Center provides unparalleled flexibility to meet your changing business needs, assuring maximum and sustained value.


    • Auto-Upload Tool: Transmit usage log files "hands free" to AspenTech with the Auto-Upload Tool. Easy to use, this feature saves you valuable time.
    • Access, Control and Privacy:  Access to the licensing center is limited to authorized users with Customer Support accounts. AspenTech assures security in transferring your usage files through our sFTP auto-upload tool, offering you the ability to mask user information to comply with privacy regulations.
    • Standard Reports: Easily analyze your company’s usage patterns through built-in standard reports, which also offer detailed views by product, product family or server.
    • Custom Reports:  Download the pivot table to access standardized reports or work with raw usage data to “slice and dice” by specific criteria to create your own reports.
    • Product Evaluation:  The on-demand product evaluation feature allows you to quickly and easily download temporary license keys to evaluate additional AspenTech products.
    • Log Files:  Usage management begins with knowing “who’s” using “what” products and “when”. Your license server(s) record this information as log files. 


    • Analyze token usage to easily manage your software investment and make better decisions. 
    • On-demand product evaluation plus online access to license keys and product information puts critical tools at your disposal to better manage your investment and software needs


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