AspenTech: Optimizing Process Manufacturing
  • A new approach to reducing unplanned downtime

    Move from emotional to fact-based decisions

    Showcasing the capabilities of RAM modeling software

    A New Way of Looking at Maintenance and Reliability

    AspenTech’s newest software offering benefits engineers looking to increase process uptime, reliability and profitability through improved maintenance and reliability. The only RAM tool specialized for studying systems with continuous and batch flows, multiple products, buffering and alternate flow paths.
    Pareto - Showing Equipment with Highest Influence on Process Availability

    For Design, Maintenance, Supply Chain and Utilities Optimization

    Aspen Fidelis Reliability software can transform existing data into highly-accurate predictions of future performance, providing quantifiable deltas in performance given changes in design, capacity, operations, maintenance, logistics, and even market dynamics.

    Key performance indicators that are typically measured include:

    • Availability & utilization
    • System criticalities & bottlenecks
    • System shutdowns and slowdowns - quantity, magnitude, and duration
    • Throughput (including off-spec product)
    • Flaring/waste volumes
    • Tank events – full events, empty events, average level, etc.
    • Logistics – missed/delayed shipments, pipeline nominations
    • Resource usages – spare parts, equipment, vessels or personnel
    What is Aspen Fidelis Reliability & system reliability or RAM modeling? A reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) modeling tool that enables owner operators and EPCs to determine probable outcomes—spanning design, capacity, operations , maintenance and logistics—and quantify the financial impact on any equipment, process or complex system.

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